Boekenhoutskloof, The Chocolate Block, 2014

South Africa · Fraanschhoek
This iconic wine is magically rich, smooth, full-bodied and delicious. Enchanting people year on year, it is a testament to the passion of the winery.
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Body Medium - Full
Sweetness 1/10
Tannins 3/10
Boekenhoutskloof is a winery that has been in existence since the late 18th Century in the furthest corner of Franschhoek in South Africa. New owners bought the property in 1993 and have restored the farmhouse and vineyards to become one of the leading wineries in the region. The story of the Chocolate Block is fascinating: people alleged that the wine had to have been made with Chocolate because of the flavours, but in the winemaking teams eyes, there was only one reason for the flavours, which was the particular terroir and blend of grapes that the land had to offer. The particular vineyard was one that had been leased by the winery and had formerly been used to bolster other wines based on their need. However, one vintage saw them harvest the whole at the same time and vinify all of the grapes together; the results changed their story forever. Kind of... after a few years of success the winery thought to buy the vineyard (they were still leasing it) but were told that the owners had already decided to sell to another party: no matter what Boekenhoutskloof did, they couldn't convince them to sell it to them. At first they were worried that a competitor would steal their successful Chocolate Block recipe, but this was a feeling soon replaced by bafflement. The vineyard was being turned into a carpark - and it is still there today. The winery had to start again and, using the same slightly flexible recipe as before, they have recreated the Chocolate Block in their own vines and it is as popular as it ever was before.
More Info
  • Alcohol 14.0%
  • Size 750ml
  • Closure Natural Cork
  • Ageing Vessel Oak Barrels
  • Months Ageing 6 Months