Chateau Paradis, Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence, Rosé

France · Provence
We started working with Paradis in March 2018 and have been delighted with their wines. This is the estate's flagship and is elegant, refreshing and crisp and delicious all year round.
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Body Medium - Light
Sweetness 1/10
Chateau Paradis is a superb property with something of a long history. The first records of vineyard plantations on the grounds of Château Paradis date from 600 BC when the Phocaeans settled in Marseille and introduced vines to the region. By the decade preceding the birth of Christ, Roman establishments were increasing in number and the Villa Regina was one of the most important wine producing plants in the South of France. Today, near some of the oldest plots in Chateau Paradise, it is possible to find pieces of tile or terracotta buried in the ground that archaeologists believe to be the remains of the “Villa Regina”. Château Paradis’ vineyards were sold to different owners in the years that followed, until, in 1980, Château Paradis was established as a stand-alone property with its own wine-making facilities. Since 2011, the Thiéblin family has owned this beautiful property and managed its superb vines. Attached to their Provençal roots, Xavier and Odile Thiéblin have their hearts set on magnifying the estate and creating wines with authentic character and real personality. So well have they succeeded in their goal that the wines are now in high demand the world over, receiving accolades and rave reviews along the way.
More Info
  • Alcohol 13.0%
  • Size 750ml
  • Closure Natural Cork
  • Ageing Vessel Stainless Steel
  • Months Ageing 2 Months