Duca del Salento, Salice Salentino, Riserva, 2011

Italy · Puglia · Salice Salentino
Salice Salentinos give quality, fruity and spicy notes that usually indicate more expensive wines. This award-winner is characterful and great value.
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Body Medium
Sweetness 2/10
Tannins 3/10
Duca del Salento
This is a super example of a wine style that has become very popular in recent years. Coming from the south of Puglia, where many exports had been labelled 'rustic', Salice Salentino, and especialy the red Riservas, have given a great source of high quality wines that sit in a category of European classic with much more established peers. The wines are typically made from indigenous grapes and these respond well to barrel-aging and easily give great Resrerva-like flavours of dried fruit, candied peel and integrated spice. The best versions can even get to be concentrated and full-bodied. This was voted the best wine in Ireland in 2015 at the National Off Licences Awards.
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  • Alcohol 13.5%
  • Size 750ml
  • Closure Natural Cork
  • Ageing Vessel Oak Barrels
  • Months Ageing 18 Months