Laurent Perrier, Champagne NV

France · Champagne
Champagne Laurent-Perrier is one of the best wines in the region. A perfect Brut style that is elegant, charming, delicious and significant.
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Body Medium
Sweetness 1/10
Champagne Laurent-Perrier
Laurent Perrier is a house that has been making Champagne since Napoleon attempted his doomed attack on Moscow in 1812. They were, as with many others at the time, mostly involved in buying and selling grapes and wines but in the twentieth century, the desire to elaborate their own wines took grip and under the Lanson de Nonancourt family the house shot to fame and respect. The wines have been as celebrated as the very best from this region and over the years the house has developed its own style and character, with followers finding in their wines something that resonates with them, much as followers of other houses do the same. Laurent-Perrier's exceptional successes have certainly been evident in the extremes and the more daring wines in their portfolio, notably their highly-prized and incredibly popular rosé and the sensational Ultra-Brut. But the passion of a family and its wines is not always enough to see them thrive and survive; in the case of Laurent-Perrier, however, the dedication and commitment from Bernard do Nonancourt, who began working as a labourer in 1945 until he was made chairman and CEO three years later, has become a hallmark of the wines ever since (Bernard, who fought with the Resistance in the 2nd World War, died only in 2010). They are excellent food wines and the current owners, Bernard's daughters, are completely dedicated to Laurent-Perrier's positon as the wine of choice for serious gourmands. This wine, with a high level of Chardonnay, is what they consider to be the perfect aperitif as it prepares your whole body for the food ahead.
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  • Alcohol 12.5%
  • Size 750ml
  • Ageing Vessel Bottle
  • Months Ageing 36 Months