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Luxury Sandwich Platter - Multiple Sizes Available


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Provide an extra touch of class for that lunch meeting or your colleagues and try our small Luxury Sandwich Platter. It combines our best and most flavoursome sandwich creations to form a truly unique selection; you'll enjoy our signature Mexicano wrap, Falafel wrap, egg and chive sandwich, Chicken and Black Grape sandwich, and finally our Brie, Black Grape and Cranberry sauce sandwich. Ideal for 5 people and it comes beautifully presented on a disposable platter.
Our large Luxury Sandwich Platter is the perfect solution if you're looking to impress at a lunch meeting. Suitable for 10 people, it provides you with a beautiful selection of our finest deli creations. You'll enjoy our signature Chicken Caesar with Coolea Cheese, Mexicano, Salmon Sensation and Falafel wraps, along with our egg and chive sandwich, Chicken and Black Grape sandwich, Brie, Black Grape and Cranberry sauce sandwich and finally out Chicken Bacon Bite. All come elegantly presented on a disposable platter for your convenience.
Simply unwrap and share.
Mexicano Wrap, Falafel Wrap, Egg and Chive, Chicken and Black Grapes, Brie, Black Grapes and Cranberry Sauce Sandwich
  • Prep Ready to Serve
  • Servings 5
  • Min Order 1