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Donnybrook Fair Chefs
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Moroccan Chickpea & Carrot Salad


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You won't find a healthier or more flavoursome snack than our signature Moroccan Salad; created using freshly grated carrot, plump raisins, chickpeas, mixed seeds and mint leaves, all smothered in our very own, specially made Moroccan dressing. Presented in a large bowl for your convenience, serves up to 10 people.
Serve and enjoy.
Carrot, Scallions, Raisins, Chickpeas, Coriander, Lemon Juice, Olive Oil, Mint, Garlic, Chilli, Salt, Pepper, Sesame Seeds, Linseed Seed, Sunflower Seed, Pumpkin seed
  • Prep Ready to Serve
  • Servings 8
  • Min Order 1