Oliver Zeter, Sauvignon Blanc

Germany · Pfalz
This is Oliver Zeter's favourite grape variety and it shows: a complex and structured Sauvignon that is just as good as the best in the world.
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Body Medium - Light
Sweetness 1/10
Oliver Zeter
When Oliver Zeter began farming the family grapes with an aim to making wine in 2004, one of his chief ambitions was to plant and then vinify Sauvignon Blanc. He had worked so well with it in South Africa and Italy that he understood the various qualities it possesses, clearly seeing huge potential in the Pfalz to extract the minerality, complex aromas and structure that many other Sauvignon Blancs miss out on. He's not alone in this regard, as many other Pfalz wineries have begun their own experiments with Sauvignon. Oliver's own experience and track record shows that he isn't fumbling with a new toy, and that he knows what will work best given any specific plot of vineyard area. In some ways his work with Sauvignon has laid foundations for others to probe its adaptability, while it could also be said that he has shadowed the indigenous Riesling and other white varieties that he harvests. However, he himself just sees it as an extension of the land and a provision to a new market of a particularly excellent vision of Sauvignon Blanc.
More Info
  • Alcohol 12.5%
  • Size 750ml
  • Closure Screwcap
  • Ageing Vessel Stainless Steel
  • Months Ageing 6 Months