We are currently taking applications for the following roles:

Butchers - Donnybrook, Malahide, Stillorgan
Deli Assistant - Malahide
Duty Manager - Stillorgan
Food & Beverage Manager - Support Office
Fruit & Veg Department Assistant - Stillorgan

Email [email protected] with a CV and cover letter to apply.


"I have many passions in my life, my family, my pets, sports, cinema and nature among others. Since joining Donnybrook Fair, I can honestly say it too has become a real passion for me. I don't see it as work as it is something I thoroughly and genuinely enjoy. When I joined, I was made feel very welcome and my opinions were both valued and encouraged from day one. The company places a huge emphasis on learning and development, and if you are prepared to work hard, the opportunities and possibilities are endless. Donnybrook Fair is a great place to work!" - Kevin Brady, Project Manager

"I love working in Donnybrook Fair, the people, the brand and the culture on our business is something we are so PROUD of. I love the fast pace, energy, innovation and food credentials we are built upon. The environment is safe to express your views and opinions without criticism, learning & development is alive and relevant to what I do. I would recommend Donnybrook Fair as a great place to work!" - Naomi Ryan, HR Manager

"I can genuinely say that this role is one of the most challenging, exciting and interesting roles in my career to date. I thoroughly enjoy working with our amazing close-knit team in Donnybrook Fair, as well as the wider Musgrave team. The energy and enthusiasm is infectious and the exciting projects that keep coming down the line really keep the days action-packed and compelling. I definitely feel supported by the management team in every way. It truly is a great place to work!" - Tracy Ryan, Brand & E-Commerce Manager

"I joined the Donnybrook Fair team as part of my college placement in 3rd year, since then my confidence and knowledge has grown exponentially. Everyone in the team is extremely welcoming and helpful, allowing and guiding me to work to my full potential. I feel my ideas are listened to and never feel uncomfortable in expressing my views and opinions to the team. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here so far and look forward to my future here." - Andrew Neale, Assistant Buyer

"I love working in Donnybrook Fair as is devoted to food safety, quality, tradition and passion of producing these lovely meals with the same process and attention to details for many years. I really enjoy working with the team around me, as they are a great group of people with the belief in business culture and people values. I would definitely recommend Donnybrook Fair as a great place to work." - Ana Barbu, Quality Manager

"I love working in Donnybrook Fair. Every aspect of the business revolves around positivity and growth, both on a grander scale, companywide, and an individual basis. All levels of management are supportive and encouraging of new ideas, fresh viewpoints and always look for ways to improve the culture and workplace. On a personal level, I have consistently received encouragement and support whenever I have pursued extra training, or a different position in the company. Everyone has always been helpful, and offered constructive advice and feedback, to allow me to become the best version of myself. I would highly recommend Donnybrook Fair as a fantastic place to work." - Caolán Walsh, Duty Manager