Ponte del Diavolo, Pinot Grigio, 2014

Italy · Friuli-Venezia Giulia · Friuli Grave
A delightful Pinot Grigio that shows the qualities of the Friuli sub zone of Grave. Perfect as aperitif or with light foods.
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Body Medium - Light
Sweetness 2/10
Ponte del Diavolo
On the island of Torcello in the lagoon of Venice, there is a bridge on the path from the boat stop to the hamlet that has no hand rail or wall. A simple-looking construction, it dates from the middle-ages and was restored in 2009, though still with no means of stopping people from falling off the edge into the lagoon below. It is called the Ponte del Diavolo as are so many others around Europe and local legend tells of the pact made between the Devil and the people who needed the bridge. They agree that the Devil will build the bridge in exchange for the soul of the first person to cross it, but the people fool the devil by luring a dog over it instead. Everyone is happy, apart from the Devil and the dog; the lack of handrail serving as a reminder to the people to take care with whom they conduct their dealings...
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  • Alcohol 13.5%
  • Size 750ml
  • Closure Screwcap
  • Ageing Vessel Stainless Steel
  • Months Ageing 1 Months