Trimbach, Pinot Blanc

France · Alsace
A delightful, fresh and floral wine that is surprisingly complex for the price. Great as a match for avocado salad, lighter fish and an aperitif.
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Body Light
Sweetness 1/10
Maison Trimbach
Maison Trimbach are one of the oldest and best houses in Alsace, and, indeed, France. Their wines are carefully made using ancient methods that date back centuries. There are grand cru sites and specially selected vineyards that they access for any and all of their wines - they know inside out what will work best from one vintage to the next. Famed for some of the best Alsacian wines ever made, they are also able to produce wines at this scale that are inviting, approachable and authentic. This wine in particular is all of those things and is a delightful way to enjoy Alsace in any number of settings, be it formal banquets or a picnic.
More Info
  • Alcohol 12.5%
  • Size 750ml
  • Closure Natural Cork
  • Ageing Vessel Stainless Steel
  • Months Ageing 4 Months