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Wine Discovery Club

Get €20 off your first month for your wine club subscription.
Donnybrook Fair - Wine Discovery Club
How does it work?
Each month you will receive 3 bottles of restaurant quality wine, hand-selected by our wine expert Christopher Gifford. Your wine will be accompanied by tasting notes, information about the vineyard, and ideal food matches.

Some key points:
• Receive 3 bottles of restaurant quality wine every month.
• Select whether you would prefer All Red, All White, or a Mixed case.
• FREE delivery anywhere in Ireland.
• Cancel at any time, no strings attached.

Payment & Delivery Details:
• First month subscription of €29.99 will be applied automatically to first-time subscribers only. Subscription fee every month thereafter will be €49.99.
• Payment will be debited from your account on the 1st of each month.
• You will receive your wine on the second Thursday of each month.