Our Story

At Donnybrook Fair, our ethos has always been a simple one: devoted to food. From humble beginnings in the early 2000s, we’ve grown from a local, South Dublin market into a food business that can be discovered in neighbourhoods from Greystones all the way to Malahide. No matter what the location, we hold a singular belief that food is to be celebrated in all forms; from the everyday salad to luxurious meals, each and every morsel prepared with an emphasis on quality ingredients and cooking.
Devoted to Food

Our Family

While Donnybrook Fair is first and foremost a food business, its strength lies in the traditional family run approach at its core.

Our Kitchens

Behind the scenes, a brigade of over seventy skilled chefs and bakers work tirelessly to create our vibrant and exciting signature foods, along with many of the old classics. Innovation is key, and we are constantly exploring new ways to bring you a culinary experience like no other.

Our Ingredients

We take great care to source only the freshest ingredients, both in what we sell and for the foods we create. We never, ever use additives or preservatives in any of our food ranges, meaning you can enjoy nothing but the taste of what you buy: honest, home cooking.

Our Wine

When it comes to wine, we aim to provide you with a selection that distinguishes itself from the ordinary. Chris Gifford, our head of wines, carefully searches for and selects only the best from around the globe, with many coming direct from the vineyards themselves!

Our Suppliers

Whether it’s carefully sourced meat or freshly harvested produce, we pride ourselves in only working with those who are outstanding in their fields – often literally! Sourcing Irish is key, but we are constantly searching both at home and abroad for the best products available.