Devoted to Food

It is what happens behind the scenes that makes Donnybrook Fair truly unique. We believe that using only the freshest ingredients and preparing all of our food by hand enables us to deliver products of unmistakable flavour and quality. We’re also passionate about sourcing and selling the best produce and food so that what you buy in our stores always reflects our unrivaled standards.
Devoted to Food

Our Kitchens

Our team of chefs are led by award-winning executive head chef John Dunne. John and his talented team work around the clock to create our mouthwatering gourmet range of foods that are available to buy in our stores and online. Innovation is key, and John and the team are constantly exploring new ways to bring you a culinary experience like no other.

Our Craft Butchers

Every cut of meat you buy at our craft butcher’s counter has been specially selected for Donnybrook Fair by our team of meat experts. From our hand-selected Irish beef to our local olive-fed pork and free-range grass fed poultry, we source only the finest to give you the very best of choice.

Our Ingredients

We take great care to source only the freshest ingredients for all of our dishes. We always use fresh herbs and spices to bring out the authentic flavours and we never use additives or preservatives in any of our food ranges, meaning you can enjoy nothing but the taste of what you buy: honest, home cooking.

Our Suppliers

Whether it’s carefully sourced meat or freshly harvested produce, we pride ourselves in only working with those who are outstanding in their fields – often literally! Sourcing Irish is key, but we are constantly searching both at home and abroad for the best products available.