Virtual Canteen

freshly made lunches delivered daily

Our virtual canteen service offers a complete yet simple solution to catering for your employees. Whether you have 50 or 500 people working in your business, we can provide fresh, locally made lunch options delivered to your premises 5 days a week. From healthy salads and handmade sandwiches to heart-warming ready meals and our famous bakery treats, we have everyone catered for!

How does it work?


Using our bespoke web portal, your team will be able to use a pre-agreed allowance to order exactly what they want for lunch, every day for up to 2 weeks in advance.


Our team of expert chefs create your team's order by hand, freshly preparing their sandwiches, salads and meals for delivery.


We deliver the freshly made lunches to your premises, with each individual lunch order labelled by name and placed in your fridge!

To make an enquiry or for further information


How does billing work?

We collate all your employees orders and provide you with one invoice at the end of every month.

Do you have options for vegetarians?

Yes we have a large range of products suitable for vegetarians.

Do you have options for vegans?

Yes we have a range of products suitable for vegans.

Do you have options that are gluten free?

We have a number of gluten friendly options available.

What sort of allowance do we need to make available to our employees?

Most of our current customers give their employees a €10 allowance but this is entirely up to you.

What happens if an employee orders food in excess of their lunch allowance?

Your employee will be asked to make a payment for the balance. For example if they order €12 worth of food on a given day and their allowance is €10, they will not be able to confirm their order until they have paid the €2 balance by card themselves.

How hard is it to set up employees on your platform?

The process is really simple. Initially, we can help to bulk upload your employees and set them up for you. After that, most of our customers would have a designated admin who would be responsible for removing employees when they leave the business and adding new ones when they join.

Can we add food for visitors who are not regular on-site employees?

Yes of course! Your admin will have the ability to add additional lunch orders for your guests.